Have you been looking for strong antifungal, anti dandruff shampoo for your hair? Has the fungal infection of your scalp been bothering you a lot lately? Then it is time you bought the Nizoral Shampoo for your hair.

Today, Nizoral Shampoo is the one of the top dandruff shampoo brands that is used to fight against the scalp fungal infections, especially dandruff. The main ingredient of Nizoral Shampoo is ketoconazole. How does ketoconazole fight against dandruff?  According to experts, it binds to the protein of your hair and attacks and fights the dandruff and the fungus.

Based upon the percentage of ketoconazole, Nizoral Shampoo is classified into two types.

  • The first shampoo contains 1% ketaconazole and is available without the medical prescription. If the dandruff is moderate, then this is the right shampoo.
  • The second shampoo contains 2% ketaconazole. But to buy this shampoo, you need doctor’s prescription. After application of this shampoo, you have to leave it for five minutes before wash.

If you check shampoo reviews many customers have stated that their eczema disappeared by the application of Nizoral Shampoo. Their problems of itching and scaling had reduced.

Precautions While Using the Shampoo

There are certain precautions that have to be followed before using the Nizoral Shampoo

  • Find out if you are allergic to any of the ingredients of the shampoo.
  • Do not use this shampoo on children or old aged people without the advise of the doctor.
  • If you are pregnant, then please avoid using this shampoo

As it is a strong shampoo, there may be some side effects of using it. You may experience itching or getting a rash on the area of application. There have been some complaints of headaches too. If that is the case, then you must stop using the shampoo and immediately consult the doctor.

Studies have shown that Nizoral Shampoo along with its main ingredient, ketoconazole, is also effective for baldness. This is because ketoconazole effectively fights against DHT which is responsible for hair reduction.

Nizoral Shampoo has been on the top spot since years because of its long lasting ability. You do not have to use it daily but twice a week for its full effect. It is pH balanced and leaves a pleasant fragrance in your hair.

The only complaint that the customers have about the Nizoral Shampoo is that it is pretty expensive. But after all, your hair is worth the best.


There are several horse shampoos available in the market that not only clean your horse but also can remove grime, heal skin problems, augment the color of the coat and alleviate weary ligaments and muscles.

How to Select the Right Horse Shampoo

You have to keep a few factors in mind while selecting the right shampoo for your horse.

  • Usually, the skin of the horse is very sensitive. Hence you might have to look for any skin problems in your horse like hives, dandruff or fungus before deciding upon a horse shampoo. Also find out if your horse is allergic to any ingredient. An aloe-based shampoo is good for horses with very sensitive and thin skin. A medicated shampoo is good if it has been facing problems like ringworm.
  • Many horse shampoos have been designed to enhance the colors of the coat . These color boosting shampoos are based on dyes or optical brighteners. It is always better to use rubber gloves when you use such shampoos.
  • Lot of horse shampoo companies send shampoo samples of their products which will enable you to try them on your horse before you select the best one.
  • Some horses have dry skin after shampooing. For such horses, you can try shampoo with a conditioner.
  • If your main aim is take out those stains away from your horse’s skin, then it is better you go for spot removing or deep cleansing horse shampoos. Dry horse shampoos have been popular in this category.
  • In case of any doubt about the usage of a shampoo or the ingredients of a shampoo, you can always contact an experienced salesperson in the store who can give you valuable information regarding various brands of horse shampoos.

Best Horse Shampoos

There are plenty of pet shampoo brands available these days. Some of the best horse shampoos available in the market are as follows:

  • Equine Magic Horse Shampoo: It is a certified organic horse shampoo. It is made from organic vegetable oils and botanical extracts that leave your horse’s coat and mane clean and shiny. This shampoo can be used for the entire horse and not just for the mane.
  • Straight Arrow Mane ‘n Tail: This is one of the most trusted and familiar brands of horse shampoos. It provides rich lathering action that cleanses the horse thoroughly and leaves the hair of the horse soft, shiny and fragrant. When used regularly, this horse shampoo augments the coat’s health and beauty.
  • Wonder Blue Shampoo: This horse shampoo contains aloe vera that moisturizes the skin and provides a soothing effect. The shampoo leaves the horse’s coat smooth and shiny. If your horse has dry skin, then this is the best shampoo for your horse.
  • Equus Premier Shampoo: It thoroughly cleanses the hair while retaining the moisture. It brightens the color of the coat and leaves no residue after wash. This horse shampoo has been popular amongst the horse owners for making the horse’s skin silky and clean.

It is very important that you select a horse shampoo based on its needs and quality. After all, you do not want to make a wrong choice when it concerns your loved animal.


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