Algemarin Dry Shampoo Reviews

Algemarin Dry Shampoo spray is an easy-to-use formula that is perfect for frequent use to clean hair without water. Ideal for people in a hurry, or anyone who cannot shower but still desires a thorough hair cleaning. So how does it work? When sprayed directly onto hair, Algemarin penetrates the hair absorbing dirt and hair products. When brushed out, Algemarin takes all these impurities with it, and you are left with soft, clean hair. All without even having to hop in the shower! This product is an Algemarin fan-favorite.

algemarin dry powder shampoo

algemarin dry powder shampoo

It is a great product that you can use in situations like when you get up late and don’t have time for a wash.  Or you just realized you need to go out for a party and your hair needs a fresh look and fragrance! It can also be used on kids when you need to dress them up and their hair is greasy. Quality is comparable to the more expensive brands such as Bumble and bumble, Batiste dry shampoo etc. offered in the store and online.

If your hair tends to look oily even after you wash it, this product does wonders for it! The scent isn’t as bad either, it is about the same as a normal water based shampoo. Of course your hair does look as as shiny when washed it, but it doesn’t look you haven’t truly washed it either. You should always use these products as in-between shampoos and use the regular shampoo at least 1-2 times a week.

This shampoo is not expensive, although does not compromise on quality factors. It is a good value for your money.

Price: $7 – 12

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Dorathy Troy, Memphis TN October 12, 2009 at 4:46 pm

I get very excited when a product actually delivers on it’s promise. I’ve tried other similar products, the Bumble&Bumble powder is very expensive and messy, plus it wipes out your shine and weighs down the hair. The Klorane is good, (not the extra gentle one – the regular one), it has the faintest scent but it’s not nearly as effective as the Algemarin. The Algemarin smells strongly perfumey at first, but the scent almost disappears and leaves your hair clean, mine actually looks like I shampooed it, and that was what I was going for. I’m not able to cut my blowdrying and flat-ironing in half and will be saving my hair! Great product. I shampoo for real one day and use this the next day. AND it’s about half the price of the Klorane. (Psssst isn’t as good either and smells like deodorant.) Algemarin ROCKS.


Relnan, NY October 15, 2009 at 10:41 pm

I tried this after using 2 other similar products and I have to say I was disappointed. My hair did feel clean after using Algemarin but it felt like straw – very firm and dry with no shine whatsoever. I also couldn’t style it after use and that’s a major disadvantage because my hairstyle was quite messed up after brushing off the spray.

My bottle malfunctioned after only 4 uses – it could only dispense liquid without the starch. Since the starch is what actually absorbs oil form the hair it was completely useless and I had to throw it away. Overall not worth the money, I will be going back to Psssst!


Willie, IL October 15, 2009 at 10:42 pm

I really like using this product to give my roots a matte finish and cover up the roots in general because my hair is very light blonde. I’m not too sure if I would recommend this product to someone with dark hair because it sprays out completely while and doesn’t blend in 100%. It’s a great price compared to Bumble and Bumble’s white spray hair powder, which I found to be a bit pricey.


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