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Choosing the Right Baby Shampoo for Your Baby

Looking at the so-delicate baby yawning sleepily, you resolve that you will always give only the best to your baby. Hence you are more and more wary of all the baby products in the market trying to lure you. So this guide will prove to be useful to you in deciding upon the best baby shampoo in the market at present.

When it is time to give those soft tresses the first wash, it is very important to get the right baby shampoo for your baby.

  • First of all, ensure that your baby shampoo is almost free from toxic chemicals. In fact, now you get baby shampoos that are 100% natural and free from chemicals. Such type of baby shampoos can be categorized into herbal baby shampoos and organic baby shampoos. A lot of the environment-conscious parents have been switching over to these shampoos now.
  • Let the baby shampoo be as mild and gentle as possible to your baby’s hair and skin. A little careless on this factor might result in irritation of your baby’s skin.
  • The most popular trait that most moms look for in these baby shampoos is the “no tears” factor. The bath process, especially the hair wash, must be a refreshing one for the little ones. If the shampoo brings tears in their eyes and cause discomfort, they may dread the whole bathing thing and can become fussy regarding that. Hence, moms would want tear free characteristic in the baby shampoo for sure. Even better if it is completely natural or organic baby shampoo.

There has been a debate going on about these type of baby shampoos with some claiming that these type of “no tears” shampoos have anesthetizing ingredients to numb the irritation. However, generations and generations have been using these type of baby shampoos without any harmful effects. Hence the choice made solely depends on the little one’s parents.

  • Look out for baby shampoos that would leave your baby’s hair soft and shining. Even if is mild and gentle, it should mainly cleanse the hair thoroughly and soothe the skin.
  • The foaming effect would be an added treat for the babies as they enjoy their bubble baths more.
  • If you are not very particular about the baby shampoo being 100% natural, then the baby shampoos having a light fragrance can make the hair wash a more pleasant experience.
  • There are also some nourishing baby shampoos available that not only clean your little one’s hair but also nurtures and pampers it. Such shampoos usually contain shea butter, coconut oil and so on.
  • Some shampoos contain safe natural calming agents that can probably help those babies who find bathing, especially the hair wash, a terrifying experience. Natural baby shampoo products are becoming increasingly popular.
  • Also, check out if sulfates are used in the baby shampoos. These are very strong chemicals and normally used in adult shampoos. So you would want sulfate free and tear free baby shampoo.  Check out organic shampoo guide to learn more about it.
  • Some of the major brands of shampoos are Johnson & Johnson’s Baby Shampoo, Earth’s Best Baby Care Shampoo & Body Wash, Loreal Kids Cherry Almond 2 in1 Shampoo, Baby Boo Organic Lavender Shampoo, Green Baby Shampoo and Bodywash, Green Baby Shampoo and Bodywash and so on. Many reviews have been done on all these shampoos. You can compare their prices, weigh their pros and cons and then choose the best shampoo for your baby.

Finally, it is all about keeping your baby safe and happy and of course, it is in your hands.

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