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Dry Shampoo Buyers Guide

Almost everyone uses hair shampoo products and have their own preferred brands. But dry shampoos are increasingly becoming popular and gaining prominence especially among those savvy consumers who realize the risk of using regular shampoo more frequently. Dry shampoo spray (or powder) will remove the excess of oil from your hair without having to wash your hair. It is not a substitute for the regular shampoo, but you should use it as an “in-between shampoo” or when it is not practical to take shower.

Dry Shampo GirlSome recent studies have found that using the regular shampoo every day may not be good for your health. Some people have noticed their hair looking dry and dull due to excessive hair washing products.

Dry shampoos are used as in-between shampoos that refresh your hair that is greasy or dull looking. It is also a convenient way to quickly refresh your hair without having to take a bath.

If you are wondering how does this product work, it is not at all complicated. It works by absorbing grease on the scalp. When you spray it on the scalp, it deposits a powder which will then absorb the oil contents. You can then use a hair dryer to dust off the powder or comb them out. If you use one of best dry shampoos available in the market, it is not even necessary to do the cleaning after using it. For detailed instructions, refer to how to use dry shampoo article

There are different types of waterless shampoos available – oil based or food grains based such as rice, oat etc. Choose the one that best suites your hair. If you have dry hair, use oat powder based product. Oily hairs go with tree oil and normal hair with rice powder. Before you buy them, read the ingredients printed on the label, which will help you choose the best one that works for your hair.

Dry hair shampoo should not be used on permanent basis. It is meant to be used when there is no alternative or in-between showers. Sometimes you want to give your hair a fresh look and a fragrance or you are afraid of using the regular shampoo every day because it may discolor your hair due to excessive chemical usage. In such situations, you want to use the dry shampoo a few times a week knowing that if you use this all the time, the residues will build up in your scalp (you can use a clarifying shampoo to clean the build up in that case of course)

Dry shampoo powder is another alternative you can use. To use the powder, hold your hair up, sprinkle the powder on your scalp and massage. The powder will absorb the oil after which you can use a dry towel and comb to brush out the powder. Oh, there is another cheaper alternative! If you need to refresh your hair quickly, and if you do not have dry shampoo powder or spray handy, you can use talcum powder. Baby powder works best though if you can keep it in your make up kit.

There used to be very few no-rinse shampoo products available few years ago. As the popularity of these products increased over time, many new products have come up including organic shampoos. Some products are available online only and might work best if you choose the one that suits your hair. For example, if you have dry hair you should not buy tree oil based shampoos. First, identify which kind of waterless shampoo suites your hair. Before you shop around, check reviews at Amazon.com or other websites that sell the product.

The Best Dry Shampoo Brands in the Market (Top 6)

  1. Algemarin
  2. Bumble and Bumble
  3. Oscar Blandi
  4. Batiste
  5. Pssst
  6. Klorane

It is a good idea to try free shampoo samples to check which one works best for your hair. Most companies offer free samples on their website. You can also search online by specifying the product name in the search query. Brands such as Head and Shoulders, Garnier, Dove, Pantene, Nioxin, Physique Stylezone, and L’Oreal generally give away hair care and shampoo samples through their websites.

If you are in a hurry and want to prepare a Homemade Shampoo at your home, you can use food grains as shampoo ingredients. But the best alternative is to use Baby Powder. There are several people who have used cornstarch or a finely ground oatmeal. But you should wash them within in a day or 2 before you feel heavier hair and might be the target for insects if you are outside.

Video that explains how to use the dry shampoo

Want to use them on Pets anyone?

These no-rinse shampoo products are getting so popular that some companies have started selling dog dry shampoo products for about the same price as regular hair wash products. Shampooing your pets takes time and effort, but you cannot skip it because you do not want to have animal odors in your home. It is a time saver that helps you skip few days between baths. Pet stores and online shops have started selling these products and it may come to your rescue.

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