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Organic Shampoo – The Natural Way

As people are getting environment conscious day by day, many of them are deciding to buy environment-friendly products such as organic products. On the same terms, the inclination towards chemical free shampoos has paved way for the rise of the organic shampoo products.

Organic shampoos concept

Before we get to know about the organic shampoos, let us learn more about the organic concept. Organic products refer to those grown naturally without the aid of chemicals. Plants are raised without the use of pesticides, radiation or any other chemical. They are not only raised naturally but are also grown in such a way so as to enhance the environment and promote greenery. The process of growing these plants include eco-friendly practices such as crop rotation, soil improvement and planting crops that are adaptable to that particular region. Hence the use of organic products not only helps the environment but also helps us to lead a healthy and safe lifestyle completely free of chemicals.

Organic shampoos are made of natural constituents usually derived from herbs and plants grown organically. Synthetic ingredients, preservatives and coloring agents are not used in authentic organic shampoos. Many of the organic shampoos have ingredients like certified organic tea tree that is antiseptic in nature and helps in reducing scalp irritation. Beta Glucan is another ingredient of organic shampoos that allays the inflammation of the scalp. Ingredients like aloe vera and shea butter stimulate growth of healthy hair and promote shine and moisture in your hair.

Usually natural fragrances like jasmine, lavender are added. Also, natural oils like coconut oil and essential oils may be used in many of them.

These shampoos cleanse your hair and scalp thoroughly and leave your hair fresh, shining and naturally fragrant. Dirt and the extra oil are completely removed making your hair healthier. Also, as the organic shampoos contain more moisturizing elements, your hair retains a lot of moisture and hence becomes easily manageable.

How to use

The application of organic shampoo is the same as any other shampoo except that you will have to leave it your hair for a minute at least as it takes some time for the organic shampoo to get absorbed because of its gentler nature.

Organic dandruff shampoo products are available in the market and sold for about the same price as other shampoos.

Some of the popular organic shampoos are Avalon Organics – Biotin B-Complex Thickening Shampoo, Burt’s Bees – Very Volumizing Pomegranate & Soy Shampoo, Aubrey Organics – Rosa Mosqueta Nourishing Shampoo, Giovanni – Root 66 Max Volume Shampoo, Dr. Hauschka’s – Shampoo with Nasturtium and Lemon, Lavera Natural Shampoo Rose Milk for Dry Hair, Avalon Organic Shampoo and so on. Many reviews have been done on all these shampoos. You can compare their prices, weigh their pros and cons and then choose the best shampoo for you.

There have been debates about what should be labeled as an organic product. For food products, the United States Department of Agriculture sets standards for labeling them as organic. But for non-food products, there has been nobody of jurisdiction for the products termed to be organic. Therefore experts have suggested that if you are buying an organic shampoo, then you should check if it contains at least ninety five (95%) certified organic ingredients.

So go ahead and buy the complete chemical-free organic shampoo and feel good about doing your bit to save the environment.

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