RID Shampoo – The Solution to the Lice Problem

RID Shampoo is a type of a shampoo that is used to prevent head lice. It not only destroys lice but also its eggs, thus completely eliminating lice. It is designed to be used on day 1 and day 10. The shampoo does not leave any chemical behind on your hair.

How to Apply RID Shampoo

It is very important to wet your hair before you apply the RID shampoo as it will have a diluted effect. Apply behind your ears and then to the back of your neck first. Also, it is necessary to apply the shampoo from root to the end of the hair because lice can crawl on the shaft quite quickly. Leave it for ten minutes. Avoid contact of the shampoo with your eyes. Rinse thoroughly. Apply the same after twenty four hours on dry hair. Comb your hair frequently. The same procedure needs to be repeated on day 10 to prevent further addition of lice. Read instructions very carefully and follow them.

Usually, medical professionals recommend this Medicated Shampoo as the first step towards elimination of lice. The main ingredient of this shampoo is Pyrethrin, an extract from Chrysanthemum.

Things You Should Know about RID Shampoo

RID Lice Killing Shampoos have an expiry date. This shampoo must not be used for kids under two years of age. Also remember not to use this shampoo if your hair does not have lice.

RID shampoo gets rid of lice completely from your hair. It is shown to be 100% efficient. The company also offers hotline for any treatment information.

There have been customer complaints about RID shampoo being not completely effective and also that it has caused chemical burns on scalps sometimes. But the experts state that it is very important to follow the instructions given with the shampoo and then follow them step by step. If this is done, then the shampoo is safe to use and is the best bet for getting rid of that annoying pest from your hair.

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