Selsun Blue Shampoo

Selsun Blue Shampoo – Chase Away the Blues of the Dandruff

Has dandruff been troubling you a lot lately? Then it is time you chose an anti dandruff shampoo for your hair. Selsun Blue Shampoo is one of the known anti dandruff shampoos available in the market.

Selsun Blue Shampoo is a medicated shampoo for getting rid of dandruff effectively. It controls itching and flaking of the scalp, thus helping to reduce conditions like dandruff and seborrheic dermatitis. The main ingredient of this shampoo is selenium sulfide. This shampoo must be used at least twice a week.

Types of Selsun Blue Shampoo

There are different variations of Selsun Blue Shampoo and they are as follows:

  1. Selsun Blue Medicated Formula Shampoo: It is a medical shampoo that controls the dandruff and soothes the scalp. Along with selenium sulfide, the shampoo also contains menthol that provides the cooling effect.
  2. Selsun Blue Moisturizing Formula Shampoo: It controls dandruff and moisturizes dry, damaged and chemically altered hair. The shampoo’s main ingedients are aloe and moisturizers that leave your hair clean, soft and easily manageable.
  3. Selsun Blue Normal to Oily Formula Shampoo: It is an anti dandruff shampoo for sensitive hair and skin. It is pH balanced and nourished with moisturizers and hence is gentle to the hair and the scalp.
  4. Selsun Blue 2-in-1 Formula Shampoo: It is an anti dandruff shampoo along with the conditioner. It cleans and conditions your hair making it healthy, soft and shiny.
  5. Selsun Blue for Itchy Dry Scalp: This is a shampoo along with the conditioner that leaves your hair clean, fragrant and soft. This kind of Selsun Shampoo concentrates on reducing the itching and contains hydrating moisturizers to reduce the dryness of the scalp.
  6. Selsun Blue Naturals Island Breeze with Aloe : This shampoo not only controls itching and flaking but also alleviates and soothes the scalp. It contains Vitamin B5, Vitamin E, eight moisturizers and botanical extracts. Check out protein and vitamin shampoos for more in this category.
  7. Selsun Blue Naturals Arctic Energy with Menthol: Along with other common ingredients as of the other Selsun Blue Naturals Shampoo, this shampoo contains menthol that has a cooling effect on the scalp.

It has been found that Selsun Blue Shampoo is one of the very few shampoos that actually gets rid of dandruff effectively. It has got very good reviews from customers and hence one of the popular anti dandruff shampoos around.

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