Suave Shampoos – The Shampoo Designed for Your Hair

Suave is one of the popular hair-care brands owned by Unilever. Suave has a wide range of shampoos and conditioners that are available for different types of hair.

Suave has been in market since 1937 and hence is one of the most trusted products in U.S. Suave shampoos have been very well known mainly because they are classy and inexpensive. These shampoos have been designed to suit each individual’s needs and is not limited to a particular type of hair.

Suave also has a motherhood program where shampoos have been designed exclusively for mothers.

Types of Suave Shampoos

There are two different types of Suave shampoos.

  • Suave Professionals :  These shampoos are classified into nine different kinds. They are marketed as salon products and range from moisturizing shampoos to colored hair shampoos.
  • Suave Naturals: These type of shampoos are classified into eleven types. These organic shampoos are made of natural ingredients like fruits to flower fragrances.

Suave Professionals can be again classified into nine types as follows:

    1. Damage Care Shampoo: It is a strengthening shampoo that revives the dull hair to make it strong and healthy. It nourishes the damaged hair. The shampoo makes the hair soft and easily manageable.
    2. Humectant Shampoo: This shampoo contains keratin and panthenol. It nurtures your hair and makes it soft and easily manageable.
    3. Volumizing Shampoo: This Suave Professional shampoo consists of wheat proteins and panthenol. It enhances your hair with lustre and volume.
    4. Color Care Shampoo: It contains antioxidants and cleanses the colored hair gently without fading the color.
    5. Radiant Brunette Shampoo: It enlivens the highlights and the color of your hair and provides lustre to your hair.
    6. Sleek Shampoo: This moisturizing shampoo contains silk amino acids and vitamin E that makes your hair smooth and healthy giving it a stylish sleek look.
    7. Vibrant Blonde Shampoo: This Suave Professional Shampoo contains sunflower extract. It revives your hair by removing the dullness and leaves it bright and shiny.
    8. Vibrant Bright Shampoo: It restores lustre to the dull hair by cleansing it gently. It consists of silk amino acids and leaves your hair bright and shimmering.
    9. Bio Basics Shampoo: It is made of botanical extracts and cleanses the hair gently leaving it healthy and strong. It not only nourishes your hair but also revitalizes it.

Suave Naturals can be sub classified into eleven types:

  1. Aloe & Water Lily Shampoo
  2. Daily Clarifying Shampoo
  3. Fresh Mountain Strawberry Shampoo
  4. Juicy Green Apple Shampoo
  5. Ocean Breeze Shampoo
  6. Refreshing Waterfalls Mist Shampoo
  7. Tropical Coconut Shampoo
  8. Wild Cherry Shampoo
  9. Orchid Petal Shampoo
  10. Refreshing Tangerine Shampoo
  11. Vanilla Floral Shampoo

All these Suave Natural shampoos leave your hair with natural fragrances revitalizing your hair.

Suave products have always been reliable and most used, especially Suave Shampoos. These shampoos are more effective when used with their respective conditioners. So why not try out the trusted and reliable shampoo for your precious hair?

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