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Suave is one of the popular hair-care brands owned by Unilever. Suave has a wide range of shampoos and conditioners that are available for different types of hair. Suave has been in market since 1937 and hence is one of the most trusted products in U.S. Suave shampoos have been very well known mainly because […]


Algemarin Dry Shampoo spray is an easy-to-use formula that is perfect for frequent use to clean hair without water. Ideal for people in a hurry, or anyone who cannot shower but still desires a thorough hair cleaning. So how does it work? When sprayed directly onto hair, Algemarin penetrates the hair absorbing dirt and hair […]


Almost everyone uses hair shampoo products and have their own preferred brands. But dry shampoos are increasingly becoming popular and gaining prominence especially among those savvy consumers who realize the risk of using regular shampoo more frequently. Dry shampoo spray (or powder) will remove the excess of oil from your hair without having to wash […]