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Klorane dry shampoo comes with an aerosol pump dispenser based spray and cleans your hair without using water. Brushes out easily leaving hair bouncy and light and can be used for brunette, blond or any other type of hair. It is a cool product and you can use in situations like when you get up […]


If you are looking to buy a dry shampoo, Batiste is one of the popular shampoo brands. If you are not sure whether you need to use such a product, then check our article about dry shampoo. Dry shampoos are used to freshen up your hair without having to take head bath. They are also used […]


Almost everyone uses hair shampoo products and have their own preferred brands. But dry shampoos are increasingly becoming popular and gaining prominence especially among those savvy consumers who realize the risk of using regular shampoo more frequently. Dry shampoo spray (or powder) will remove the excess of oil from your hair without having to wash […]