Tresemme Shampoo

Tresemme Shampoo – The Trusted Brand for Your Hair?

Tresemme Shampoos have been on the market since 1947. Hence they are one of the trusted brands in hair care.

Different Types of  Tresemme Shampoos

Tresemme has brought out many kinds of shampoos for different types of hair and needs. Some of the popular Tresemme Shampoos are as follows:

  1. Multi Vitamin 2 in 1 Shampoo Plus Conditioner: This multi vitamin shampoo plus conditioner cleanses and conditions the hair saving you lots of time. Its multivitamin formula leaves your hair soft and easily manageable.
  2. Vitamin C Deep Cleansing Shampoo: This Tresemme Shampoo consists of Vitamin C, grapefruit and lemon. Its clarifying formula removes all the dirt and impurities leaving no residue behind. It is usually recommended to use this deep cleansing shampoo once a week. It revitalises your hair making it shiny.
  3. Vitamin C & E Natural Shampoo: This shampoo’s moisturizing formula with Vitamins C & E leaves your hair smooth and shiny. It retains the moisture of the hair thus making it healthier.
  4. Vitamin E Moisture Rich Shampoo: The ingredients of this shampoo are extracts of sunflower, hazelnut and almond combined with Vitamin E. It makes your hair soft, strong and retains the moisture and elasticity of your hair.
  5. Vitamin B12 & Gelatin Anti-Breakage Shampoo: This shampoo’s formula of vitamin B-12 and gelatin strengthens and supports the weak hair making it healthy. In this way, it avoids breakage and split ends of the hair.
  6. 24 Hour Body Shampoo: This shampoo prepares your hair to be gorgeous and healthy throughout the day. The silk proteins in the shampoo make your hair soft. It preserves the naturalness of your hair by retaining the oil in the hair.
  7. Dry Shampoos: The shampoo has citrus extracts that cleanse the hair and mineral clay that refreshes the hair by removing the impurities. It preserves the color of your hair as there is no need of hair wash.
  8. Naturals Radiant Volume Shampoo: This shampoo is formulated with organic extracts of sweet orange and gives the hair great bounce and shine.  It contains natural proteins that cleanse and volumize your hair.
  9. Naturals Nourishing Moisture Shampoo: This natural nourishing shampoo has been formulated with avocado and aloe vera that hydrate and protect the hair against any damage. The natural formula leaves hair soft, shiny and strong.

Tresemme has brought out the above range of shampoos to suit each individual’s needs by formulating them with different ingredients. That is the reason why Tresemme Shampoo has been so popular in the hair care industry.

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