Vitamin Shampoo

Vitamin Shampoo – The Healthy Way of Life

As the quest for a pollution free environment is on, many of them are looking for chemical-free natural products especially shampoos. It is a nightmare to think of what all the toxic chemicals can do to one’s hair. Hence natural shampoos like Vitamin Shampoos are in great demand now.

Ingredients of the Vitamin Shampoo

Vitamin Shampoo is made of fruits consisting of vitamins and antioxidants, nutrients, minerals, proteins, and essential oils. This shampoo cleanses and revitalizes your hair.

Vitamin Shampoo is sulfate free and does not contain paraben, just like a Protein Shampoo. It is also safe for colored hair as it contains natural products that will not bleach out the color of your hair. Vitamin Shampoo is also not tested on animals and is considered as a form of natural shampoo.

Types of Vitamin Shampoos

1) Vitamin Shampoo Hydrating Noni Berry and Lemongrass

This shampoo consists of a hydrating formula that protects and moisturizes your hair, makes your hair easily manageable and shiny. This vitamin shampoo consists of noni berry and coconut milk to enrich and strengthen your hair. It also contains lemongrass that balances the moisture in your hair this avoiding dryness.

2) Vitamin Shampoo Nutritional Acai Berry and Guava

This rich vitamin shampoo consists of acai berry and guava nurtures and energizes your hair. It also contains soymilk proteins that sets your hair structure right and makes it shiny. This shampoo contains the right mixture to make your hair soft and lustrous. It also has an exotic smell that leaves you refreshed.

3) Vitamin Shampoo Smoothing Mangosteen and Yogurt

This vitamin shampoo consists of mangosteen and Asian mandarin orange to strengthen and nourish your hair. It also consists of yogurt proteins that moisturize and smoothen your hair so well that your hair becomes lustrous and attractive. It leaves your hair with a tantalizing strong scent.

4) Vitamin Shampoo Healing Gogi Berry and Green Tea

This vitamin shampoo contains Gogi berry and green tea to heal and enrich your hair. It also has avocado that retains the elasticity and vigour of your hair. It protects your hair against pollution hazards. It strengthens your hair internally to prevent breakage in future. After wash, this vitamin shampoo leaves your hair with a captivating and seductive scent.

5) Vitamin Shampoo Rejuvenating Blueberry and Avocado

This vitamin shampoo’s rejuvenating formula contains blueberry and natural avocado to nourish and stimulate your hair follicles. It also consists of yogurt proteins that nurture and retain the balance of your hair. It supplies your hair with vitamins, antioxidants and optimum nutrition. It leaves your hair with alluring scent and great shiny hair.

6) Vitamin Shampoo Renewing Pomegranate and Blackberry

This vitamin shampoo’s luxurious, energy renewing formula consists of pomegranate and blackberry to revitalize and nourish your hair. It also has yogurt proteins that retain the natural balance of your hair. This shampoo cleanses your hair thoroughly leaving behind an exotic smell and re-energized mane.

7) Vitamin Shampoo Energizing Dragon Fruit and Kiwi

If you have tired and dull looking hair, then this vitamin shampoo is the ideal shampoo for you. It contains dragon fruit and kiwi that revives and restores the naturalness of your hair. It also has soy milk proteins to strengthen and nourish your hair. It leaves behind a refreshing smell, silky and shiny hair.

So a vitamin shampoo with its natural ingredients provides strength and volume to your hair while retaining its moisture. Hence if you are looking for a natural shampoo that can revitalize your hair and yourself, then Vitamin Shampoo is the right choice.

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