What can make your hair grow faster

What can make your hair grow faster

Ladies and Gentleman – hair curls of luscious flowing amazingness is in your future!

Edward Skissornanders overdid it and cut off too much hair?
Do you have problems with normal hair growth?
Are you looking for those good methods what can make your hair grow faster?

Now we are going over ->

Ways to get your hair to grow faster thicker more luscious and luxurious!

On average, hair grows 0,01377953 inches per day or 0,3 inches per month.
Not all hair grows at the same speed. And even in one person’s hair grows at different speeds: in the afternoon the hair is growing faster than at night; in the summer they grow faster than in winter.
Hair growth is influenced by various factors: heredity, the general condition of the body, age, the state of the nervous system, nutrition.
A universal tablet or method does not exist.
The approach to solving the problem must be comprehensive. I’m going over six ways to get your hair to grow faster!

Eat more fish

Omega-3, my friends, that is hair growing gold. The fatty acids go in and nourish help your hair grow thicker and stronger also reduces inflammation which leads the hair loss.
Lots of foods out there contain omega-3 like:

  • fish
  • salmon
  • tuna
  • sweet fish
  • mackerel
  • walnuts
  • egg
  • yogurt
  • egg yolks

omega 3 food for hair growth
I can’t even speak I’m so excited talking about omega-3s egg yolks there are tons of options!
If you’re not wild about incorporating them or you just don’t get enough you can always take an over-the-counter supplement.

Self-scalp massage

It feels so incredible! 3 to 4 minutes a day ladies and gentlemen, get your fingers
in there (hair) give it the business!
You increasing blood flow by increasing circulation! Increased blood flow this actually leads to transporting of nutrients your hair which is going to lead to faster growth.

Make your hair take its vitamins

There are some vitamins out there specifically designed to assist and facilitate hair growth.
Usually, they’re going to be high with things like biotin and zinc.
I would say before you invest in a vitamin that is specifically designed for your hair you need to start with the multivitamin
I take one called “Source of life”. I’ve been taking this one for years ever since I had the nutrition store it’s by a company called “Natures plus”. You can easily find it on amazon.
And this is not a promotion it’s just a great product that I use and love!

Wash your hair every third day

Don’t wash it every single day I personally wash my hair every single day because I have dandruff and I am not worried about the speed at which my hair is growing for now. But if you are wanting it to grow faster – washing it every day is actually making it grow slower because
you’re removing every single day the essential oils that build up that are healthy and help your hair grow luscious, longer and lovely faster.
wash hair
This doesn’t mean that you can’t wet your hair every day (twice a day) it just means that you shouldn’t be stripping out all the oils by shampooing every single day.
One downside to not shampooing every day is that your hair can look a little bit greasy
The thing that you can do is invest in a dry shampoo. Basically, it’s a powder. You can also use baby powder unless you’ve got super dark hair (that you probably don’t want to).
But there are powders that are made in design that are dry shampoos it’s going to give your
hair a little less greasy of a look it’s also going to give it a little bit more body and not have it be so heavy weighted and kind of slimy.

Apple cider vinegar rinse

Apple cider vinegar is nature’s like amazing elixir; it fixes a lot of things and I take a little bit of it in the morning with some water because it supposedly helps you with a lot of stuff.
Apple cider vinegar also helps your hair grow!
What you should do is get a spray bottle, mix three parts apple cider vinegar to one part water.
After you’re done showering and shampoo – spritz your hair down with the apple cider vinegar solution and let it chill for about a minute. Rinse it out go about your business.

It actually has been proven to help hair growth.

And last but certainly not least crazy hair growth tip

Use a conditioner

Conditioners are going to help nourish your hair. When your hair is nourished
when it has the oils that it needs it can actually grow fast.
There are two types of conditioners:

  1. The conditioner that you wash out of your hair after you shampooed your hair.
  2. Leave-in conditioner which you put on your hair after the shower. But you don’t wash it out. You leave it in it’s called leave-in conditioner (thank you, cap)!

How to use conditioner (first type)

  1. You should have freshly shampooed hair
  2. Take your conditioner and you’re going to rub it in between your hands so it gets all over your fingers and in between your fingers
  3. Start off at the ends of your hair and work your way up towards the mid shaft of the hair.

Honestly, I get a lot of people saying that conditioner ways their hair down or makes it look really flat.
The reason why the thing with conditioner is that you need to only apply it to your mid-shaft and ends of your hair. You don’t really need to apply a lot of conditioner to your scalp or even to the hair that’s closest to your scalp. That’s newborn, freshly grown hair it doesn’t really need conditioning. That’s the healthiest part of your hair shaft!

Leave it in your hair to penetrate

Once you’ve left it in you can wash your hair and I suggest using a cooler temperature water just so you can seal the cuticle and get it nice and shiny and you are good to go.

How to use Leave-in conditioner (second type)

You should take your conditioner and rub it between your hands and get it all over your fingers and in between your fingers.
By doing this you make sure that you get an even distribution of product and you’re not just going to get a chunk of conditioner in your hair. So just like in the shower, you’re going to start on the ends and mint shaft of your hair you’re just going to rub it in and get it all over the ends and all over the mid shaft of the hair.

And with whatever is leftover on your fingers you can kind of run it gently through your scalp.
But like I said before your scalp doesn’t really need conditioning. All the conditioner on your scalp is going to do is weigh your hair down and make it get greasy or faster so try to stay away from applying too much conditioner on your scalp.
I mean you can put whatever is leftover on your fingers onto your scalp but you don’t need to apply a heavy amount of conditioner there.
Now you should take your comb and comb the conditioner through just so I get a nice even application of the conditioner.
The comb is going to help get it all over the place.

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